Turska skela 31,
Tel: +385953730828
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Rooms "Izvor"


Rooms "Izvor"
Turska skela 31,Ilok
Tel +385953730828

The room in the "Izvor" household, as its croatian name suggests, is in the immediate vicinity of the drinking water source and the Danube coast.

Capacity 1/2, in the house with private entrance, on the ground floor, equipped with bathroom, telephone, TV and other necessary amenities. The location of the facility is easily accessible from the main Ilok road, both directly and as part of the Fisherman's House and a sparkling wine tasting room "Sources of Life", OPG Domagoj Zelenika. The street name "Turkish Scaffold" is related to the period of the Turkish Empire when access to the Danube waterway was used at that location. The surroundings of the property are quiet, quiet, secluded and relaxing, the proximity of the Danube and the greenery along with the noise of drinking water are the right anti-stress therapy for every traveler. In addition to accommodation, the hosts are at your service with other amenities and recommendations for staying in Ilok.