Wandern - Sultans Trail, Weg des Friedens

Süleyman Kanuni, sultan of the Ottoman Empire, made the trip from Istanbul to Vienna for the first time in 1529, and then again in 1532. Both times he did not succeed in penetrating the city of Vienna. Contrary to its past the Sultans Trail nowadays forms a path of peace, a meeting place for people of all faiths and cultures. The trail starts at the Stephans Dom in the centre of Vienna. The clocks of this church are made of the remelted Ottoman canons. The path passes Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgarian and ends at the tomb of the Sultan in Istanbul. Sultans Trail passes the northern, continental part Croatia for seven days, where is partly follows the rivers Drava and Donau iin the Panonian plane. The path passes the following cities and villages: Udvar, Draz, Zmajevac, Bilje, Osijek, Bobota, Vukovar, Sotin, Opatovac, Mohovo, Ilok.

The route follows both quite asphalt roads, dirt roads and riding tracks. The route is mostly on flat terrain and every night there is accommodation available so you don't need to carry a tent. Accommodation varies from private accommodation over 3-4 star hotels, villas to the luxurios appartements in wineyards of Ilok in country castle Principovac - Ilok.

The route from Vienna to Istanbul (Google) from 2009 can be found at: http://www.trackr.nl/user/sedatcakir