The Danube

Living along the Danube River means living along the backbone of Europe and being connected with ten countries and an outlet to the sea, as well as being a part of the Croatian Danube basin which comprises Ilok, Vukovar, Baranja and Kopački Rit. Living by the Danube is a privilege, as the wide waters of the eternal Danube imply the luxury of nature, a ride by čikla (a kind of boat) and ferry, the wealth of freshwater fish and many other things that can only be experienced when you stand on its banks.
An individual feature of the river banks along Ilok is Dunavac, a permanent backwater running between the Danube and the old town on the hill, which gives additional charm to the landscape and beckons us to keep fit, practise sports and enjoy nature. On the Ilok side of the Danube, there used to be a steamboat port more than 100 years ago, which was rebuilt after the Homeland War and exile. Today, this port is part of a recreational and tourist facility together with the promenade, beach, hotel and quay for passenger ships.
The Danube has been celebrated in many songs, especially in the songs played by tamburitza bands, songs from the Srijem region and ballads. To experience it in the best possible way, come near its waters, listen to the sounds of nature and tamburitza, taste the fish specialities and, naturally, the wine.
"Oh, Danube, I left my heart by your banks" are the words of a song that often come true, and many people who come find it very difficult to leave.