The Ilok Wine Road

For more than two millennia, Ilok and wine have been inseparable. The wine-growing hills of Ilok are a gift from God, and the wines in Ilok are also divine – of superior quality, bouquet and taste. Between the extraordinary soil and climate conditions and the wine stands a man: the wine-grower and worker, the Syrmian, who "serves" his vineyard all the year round so that later in his cellar he can cultivate a product which he will offer to his visitors hospitably.
It is interesting that the wine cellars in Ilok are situated in the town. There is a winery/wine cellar in almost every street. The vineyards, on the other hand, are located on all the surrounding hills. This combination has created a special wine route which can be followed very simply. Naturally, one can also go as far as the vineyards and belvederes that can be found everywhere around the town. The winegrowers and wine-cellar owners have opened their doors to guests and offer them home-made snacks of cold meats and other delicacies, as well as anything else a visitor might desire and the host prepare. If you want to enjoy the hospitable family-like atmosphere and a glass of good wine, all you have to do is choose among some 12 winegrowers and announce your visit.
Naturally, every visit has to include the attractive Old Cellars of Ilok (Stari ilocki podrumi) situated in the medieval town centre. They were built by the Princes Odescalchi in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today they are owned by the company Ilocki podrumi d.d. which belongs to the very top of the Croatian and European wine map.
The grape varieties you can taste and buy in Ilok are: Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rein Riesling, Silvanac and Traminac of the white wine varieties, and Pinot Noir, Frankovka and Cabernet Sauvignon of the red wine varieties.

Ilok is especially famous for its traminac and silvanac, which were served at the English Court at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. A visit to the wine kingdom of Ilok is best finished off by a meat or fish meal in one of the local restaurants or a golf excercise in wineyards. If you have more time to relax, let yourself be entertained by the sound and songs of the tamburitza players (a string instrument). Contact the location you want, state your wishes and arrange a visit, and the winegrowers, members of the association Ilocka vinska cesta (Ilok Wine Road) will do their best to fulfil your wishes.