The Medieval Old Town

The medieval town of Ilok is a cultural and historical landmarked complex preserved by the national government. This small space makes it possible to travel back to the past and stroll through the centuries.

Imagine a massive, lofty and elongated fortress, a prince and royal court, a church belfry rising high, a church and monastery with a tower, scattered Islamic buildings of the turbe and hamam, a lush park and public gardens, deeply buried old wine cellars, a belvedere with an unforgettable view of the broad Danube and the plains of Bačka – all of this can be seen and experienced in the medieval town of Ilok, on a small hill surrounded by the Danube and by vineyards.

The old town is an inexhaustible source of material evidence of the life in this region which helps us to trace the continuity of living from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages and recent times. The oldest evidence testifies to the life in the Neolithic Age. In addition, there is valuable material evidence from the Roman period, when Ilok was called Cuccium, as well as a rich heritage dating back to the Middle Ages: the remains of St. Peter's basilica (dating from the 13th century) and the medieval castle, church and friary of St. John of Capistrano which were built by the Duke of Ugrin (dating from the 14th century), the fortress and walls erected by Nikola Iločki (dating from the 15th century). The period of Turkish rule produced the turbe and hamam (dating from the 16th century). The noble Odescalchi family left a castle and old wine cellars beneath the castle (between the 15th and 17th century). There is also the residence of Baron Brnjaković (dating from the 18th century), the chapel of St John Nepomuk (dating from the 18th century), and a beautiful park and public gardens (dating from the 18th and 19th centuries). The park harbours several busts and monuments which have been erected recently.

Archaeological excavations, new sites, restoration and conservation works are a common sight in the old town. This location is a part of the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia called "Restructuring, research and restoration of the site Vukovar – Vučedol – Ilok". The research is planned to be finished and the most interesting finds presented by the end of 2010, when Ilok should be included in the list of towns and monuments of special value protected and promoted by UNESCO.